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We offer a wide variety of Last Wills, Trust Forms, and Probate Forms for immediate download.

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  1. Why You Need a Will:
    Preparing your Will is one of the most important things you can do. Perhaps because most people choose not to think about death, they indefinitely postpone the process of preparing a Will. For the following reasons, it is incredibly important to have a will:
    1. A will allows you to leave your property, including your home and bank accounts, to those you choose, including your spouse, partner, children, relatives, friends, organizations or charities;
      A will enables you to appoint a particular individual to administer your Estate, and to ensure that all of your wishes are carried out;
    2. A will enables you to appoint a personal guardian for your children;
    3. A will enables you to disinherit specific people whom you do not wish to share in your property (subject to certain restriction which vary according to your state of residence);
    4. A will helps you ensure that upon your death, there will be an orderly, clear handling of your legal and financial affairs, and reduces the risk of uncertainty and legal disputes.
    5. If you choose to prepare a living will, you can set forth your desires regarding medical treatment in the event that you become seriously ill and are unable to communicate your wishes; you can also appoint someone to make medical decisions if you cannot.

    In summary, a Will allows you to take control of your legal, financial and medical affairs, and to ensure that the people whom you love and care about are taken care of when you die. Although it may be unpleasant for you to think about your death, it is essential that you take at least a few moments to ensure that these matters handled. If you have been delaying because you thought that preparing your will would be too difficult, time-consuming or expensive – keep on reading. Since 1999, we have helped thousands of Americans obtain high-quality legal documents without paying high legal fees.

  2. Preparing a Will
  3. Using Our Legal Document Service:

    You don’t need an attorney or a lot of time to prepare a custom, high-quality will.
    Our customized process makes it fast, easy and affordable to prepare a comprehensive
    will, complete with advanced provisions.

By providing us with some basic information, you can quickly and safely prepare a will, without hiring an attorney.

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