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Answer to Foreclosure Complaint
Complaint and Motion Forms Kits for Homeowners to Stay or Stop Foreclosure
Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
Motion/Request to Vacate a judgment of Foreclosure
Request For Modification of Loan/Workout and Forbearance Agreements Forms Packages
Request Lender's Permission for Short Sale (Pre-Sale) of Property for Less than the Balance of the Loan
RESPA Letter Disputing Bank/ Mortgage Company's Billing Statement

Information for Homeowners Who Need to Stop Foreclosure and Save Their Homes from Loss due to a Foreclosure Sale

  1. If you have been served with a summons or complaint for foreclosure, you can protect your legal rights by downloading and filing an Answer to Foreclosure Complaint. Our foreclosure answer forms are available for immediate download. The forms are in MS Word format, for easy editing. You just fill in the blanks and sign.

  2. If you reside in a non-judicial foreclosure state (where the lender forecloses without commencing a court case against you) you can avoid foreclosure by downloading a Complaint or Motion to Stop Foreclosure.

  3. If you wish to negotiate with your lender for more time to make payments, reduced payments, or other changes to your loan, you should download a Request for Loan Modification Package.

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