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Prenuptial Agreements Forms By State

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A Prenuptial Agreement helps you to organize your financial affairs during your marriage and memorialize your agreement regarding rights to property and income in the event of separation, death or divorce. By dealing with these sensitive and important issues now, you can avoid potential cost, disruption, uncertainty and anguish later in your life.

By drafting and signing a Prenuptial Agreement, you can decide, in advance, what will happen to your property and finances in the event of a divorce. You can also agree on how to spend, save and invest money during your marriage.

Reasons for preparing a prenuptial agreement:
A Prenuptial Agreement allows you to maintain control and predictability with regard to your finances. There are a variety of reasons that motivate many couples to enter into Prenuptial Agreements. By entering into a Prenuptial Agreement, you can:

  • Set forth your mutual understanding as to how you will save, spend, and invest your earnings and other resources during your marriage;
  • Ensure that you and your spouse (rather than a Court) control your financial affairs in the event of separation, divorce or death,
  • Setforth how your assets will be valued and divided in the event of separationor divorce;
  • Setforth whether certain assets owned or acquired by one spouse will remain separate property that will not be divided in the event of divorce; Like many people, you may be under the impression that preparing a prenuptial agreement has to be expensive, complex, and time-consuming.
In fact, a Prenuptial Agreement is an efficient method of organizing your marital affairs, defining your expectations, and avoiding the uncertainties that can lead to expensive and bitterly contested divorces. Far from being unaffordable, a Prenuptial Agreement is probably a legal device that you cannot afford to live without.

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